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These loans have helped thousands, many of them women, to achieve financial independence. He received his degree as part of UBC’s Centenary celebrations. When Joan Steitz was a graduate student there were no women professors in the biological sciences at any major university. In , she became the sole woman in a class of 10 to begin graduate studies in biochemistry and molecular biology at Harvard.

At that time, Dr.

Have questions about nanoscale science and engineering immediately answered by scientists and engineers actively working in the field; as well as consider.

Harlan J. Elisha Netanyahu for Ph. Dr Andrew Duncan. Print Email. Prof Colin Atkinson. Prof Mauricio Barahona. Dr Ryan Barnett. Dr Frank Berkshire. Prof Darren Crowdy. Prof Pierre Degond. Dr Eva-Maria Graefe. Dr David Ham.

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2 Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), Bern, Switzerland Scientific speed dating events are interesting formats, which are designed to promote closer con-.

To support our nonprofit science journalism, please make a tax-deductible gift today. F inding new research partners can be a challenge for basic scientists and clinical researchers, as it may require them to step outside of their daily commitments. But it’s important: Meeting scientists from other disciplines can spark a new research idea or open the door to a solution to a problem that has seemed intractable. It wasn’t a Gordon Conference. It was just, ‘Let’s see if we can make a connection and then take it further if we need to.

This process continues until everyone in one group has met everyone in the other group. The goal, for translational research as for dating, is to find a match. More than 80 people registered for the event, and follow-ups with the attendees suggest it worked as planned: Eighty-five percent of participants said they met at least one potential collaborator, and seven pairs of researchers applied for internal pilot funding.

Word has gotten out: Other institutions and organizations have contacted us hoping to learn how to run their own events.

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I had the pleasure of attending the San Diego Comic-Con. I was invited to moderate a NASA panel on exoplanets, with the twist of looking at them through the lens of science fiction. How do the planets we discovery compare to those seen in Star Trek , Stargate , and so on? So no graphics, nothing but their own voice and enthusiasm.

That sounded like a lot of fun, and I love the Exchange, so I agreed immediately. It turned out to be a good choice.

Invited Speaker – International Congress of Mathematicians (), Elected Corresponding Member of the Dutch Royal Academy of Science ().

Due to lack of support from the region and city, as well as lack of a will to collaborate in the Lindholmen area, we have cancelled our contract and moved out. Repeat the unlimited shotgun code until the huge machine gun appears. There are four modes, one way traffic, two way traffic, time attack and free ride. This is a very cheap scooter, about. Then, run behind the computer and tell Jung to hack it.

He worked for A. Off road model. Use and attitudes of obstetricians toward 3 high-risk interventions in MFMU Network hospitals and located in an urban setting 19 urban, 2 suburban, and 0 rural of I-walk Urban 2. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. In this game you need to drive as fast as you can and not let the police get you. You can also choose from 48v, 60v, and 36v.

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In the past two decades the interdisciplinary field between spatial and social sciences has undergone an extraordinarily dynamic development with a high potential for innovation. Each event will focus on different aspects of the emergent thriving field. Part 1 of the Spring Academy Series highlights the growing interdisciplinary interest in an integrated view at spatial patterns and temporal dynamics.

Examples are the spatio-temporal analysis of innovative and creative processes, the time-spatial spread of policies among cities, the time-spatial patterns of the transition of infrastructures or technological systems, or the path-dependent development of technologies, social networks and institutions. Process-based, spatio-temporal analyses are both conceptually inspiring and highly demanding.

For example, the very notion of process itself is all but selfexplanatory.

Science Meets Speed Dating. Ralph Gardner Jr. goes to a sort of speed-dating event, where he learns from American Museum of Natural.

The laboratory rat was the first mammal domesticated for research purposes. It is descended from wild Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus , which despite their name likely originated in Asia. Exceptionally adaptable, these rodents now inhabit almost all environments on Earth, especially near human settlements where they are often seen as pests. The laboratory rat thrives in captivity, and its domestication has produced many inbred and outbred lines that are used for different purposes, including medical trials and behavioral studies.

Differences between wild Norway rats and their laboratory counterparts were first noted in the early 20 th century and led some researchers to later question its value as a model organism. While these views are probably unjustified, the advanced domestication of the laboratory rat does suggest that resuming studies of wild rats could benefit the wider research community. The Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus , is known by many names such as the brown rat, common rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norwegian rat, city rat, water rat and wharf rat.

Living in close proximity to humans, wild Norway rats are often considered pests Khlyap et al. They are well known for invading and damaging property, spoiling food supplies and spreading diseases Kosoy et al. Their seemingly unrestricted capacity to reproduce, their ferocious appetite which can result in cannibalism and their remarkable ability to survive in adverse and often unsanitary conditions only seem to worsen their reputation among many in the general public.

For all of these reasons and more, rats are the targets of intensive pest control strategies. In spite of their bad reputation in the wild, the laboratory rat is perhaps the archetypal model organism. First domesticated from wild Norway rats over years ago Richter, , today laboratory rats owe their popularity as a model organism largely due to their widespread availability, low breeding costs, short reproductive cycle and ability to thrive in captive environments.

Love during lockdown: Singles in US reinvent dating

The challenge of this science fair project is to test whether you can increase both your strength and the speed of your swing, resulting in better hitting. There is even an idea to use winches, as you described:. So how do you use energy? Energy can be generated to produce light, heat or the movement of objects. Mobile Equilibrium.

Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – Dating of divergences within the Rattus genus phylogeny using whole mitochondrial genomes Speed and accuracy of olfactory discrimination in the rat.

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Love during lockdown: Singles in US reinvent dating

Jodi L. Abbott has reached the pinnacle of achievement as a figure skating judge. One of the sport’s most accomplished judging officials, she has officiated at elite skating competitions around the world, including the Olympic Games, four International Skating Union World championships, and the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating. As one of a handful of individuals chosen to revamp the judging system following the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, she played a significant role in designing the system currently used for judging figure skating.

The FBI Academy, dedicated to being the world’s premier law enforcement It includes a high-speed mile oval road track; a precision obstacle course to the Management Science Unit of the FBI Academy to develop a proposal for a law.

Steven L. Matzner, Cathryn L. Carney, Deborah A. The American Biology Teacher 1 April ; 81 4 : — Exposing students to carnivorous plants within course-based undergraduate research can heighten student interest in plants and create a foundation on which to build future student projects. Carnivorous plants derive nutrients by trapping animals, but unlike most other predators, they lack mobility and are thought to attract prey through a combination of visual and olfactory cues.

Over the week semester, students worked in groups to generate questions, design experiments, analyze data, and present results both orally and in a written manuscript. A major focus was developing students’ ability to compare their results with the literature. Upon completion, manuscripts were uploaded to a digital archive for use by future students in designing projects. This database of readily accessible past projects provides students with an accessible literature base that enables them to build upon previous work in a way that more accurately reflects real-world research.

Since , the advanced Terrestrial Plant Ecology class at Augustana University has exposed students to semester-long research experiences. Although research experiences within introductory biology courses are still considered rare Spell et al.

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It is not often that the general public has opportunity to informally chat with scientists, engineers, and social scientists; nor is it often that scientists, engineers, and social scientists get the opportunity to discuss their work with the general public in a social environment. This program facilitates these kinds of interactions in a thought-provoking and exciting forum.

Have questions about nanoscale science and engineering immediately answered by scientists and engineers actively working in the field; as well as consider questions about the societal and ethical implications with social scientists. Hear questions from other participants, having their own interest and understanding broadened based on questions they had not previously considered. Discover that scientists often have questions of the general public, and perhaps be able to provide invaluable feedback to scientists and engineers as they continue their work.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this product are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

received a Bachelor of Science in , a Bachelor of Education degree in A Conversation Café is kind of like “Speed Dating For Knowledge” (a quick way Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D., is the founder and president of Académie.

Latest version View entry history. Glass formed by melting of a siliceous rock exposed on the Earth surface due to the impact of a meteorite with the ground. Fission-track dating is a radiometric dating technique used for dating those glasses, and it is based on the damages tracks produced by the decay by fission of U. Innumerable extraterrestrial bodies reach our planet every day.

Most of them, due to their high speed, fully vaporize when they cross the atmosphere or their size is strongly reduced. So, these meteorites do not produce relevant effects.

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On Saturday night, the Night of Art and Science will be returning to Groningen for the first time since , and there are plenty of English-language or Language No Problem panels, musical events and other presentations on the programme. The Northern Times has picked out some of the coolest things going down on the Night. On the Night of Art and Science site, the programme information is almost exclusively available in Dutch, but that does not mean that there are not tons of foreigner-friendly activities through the night.

Most of the indoor events require buying a ticket in advance, so keep that in mind.

Academy of Sciences, institution established in Paris in under the patronage The speed and precision of the multiwire chamber and its.

Interested in sharing your science more widely? This list will be kept up to date and is not exhaustive. If you have corrections or additions, please email djwhitta null msu. This is starting to be used as during the review and development of NSF proposals as an informative guideline. We feature regular posts from BEACON researchers including faculty, post-docs, grad students, and undergrads describing their work.

These posts should be around words, and written in a non-technical way that would be easily understood by an undergraduate non-major. Ideally, the posts should also include a personal element, describing your experience or why you are interested in your research topic. The goal is not only to communicate BEACON research to the public, but also to connect faces and personalities to that research. We recommend that you avoid including unpublished results in your post.

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