Love at First Site: Professor Stephanie Tong Receives 3-Year NSF Grant for Online Dating Studies

Table S2. Fractional regression of desirability on individual attributes—selected coefficients. References 33 — Romantic courtship is often described as taking place in a dating market where men and women compete for mates, but the detailed structure and dynamics of dating markets have historically been difficult to quantify for lack of suitable data. In recent years, however, the advent and vigorous growth of the online dating industry has provided a rich new source of information on mate pursuit. We present an empirical analysis of heterosexual dating markets in four large U. We show that competition for mates creates a pronounced hierarchy of desirability that correlates strongly with user demographics and is remarkably consistent across cities. We also find that the probability of receiving a response to an advance drops markedly with increasing difference in desirability between the pursuer and the pursued. It is a common observation that marriage or dating partners strongly resemble one another in terms of age, education, physical attractiveness, attitudes, and a host of other characteristics 1. One possible explanation for this is the matching hypothesis, which suggests that men and women pursue partners who resemble themselves.

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Grindr allows you to state for what purpose you are using its software.

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Full-time National Service (NS) enlistment dates for the next three months.

To help nutritional supplement companies make sure they have the necessary data to support expiration dating on product labels NSF International, developer of the U. NSF-DBA, an NSF International Company that provides dietary supplement training, consulting and testing services, worked in conjunction with regulators and industry trade groups to coordinate the development of the new guideline.

The guideline outlines the science-based criteria necessary to support expiration dating in order to comply with the current Good Manufacturing Practices GMP for dietary supplements. The guideline also proposes that stability testing be conducted in the same container used for marketing the nutritional supplement product. In addition to conducting stability studies, NSF-DBA provides analytical method development and validation services and a wide array of consulting, training and regulatory support services to the dietary supplement industry.

As the developer of the U. To contact our editorial team please email us at editorial cnsmedia. Amyris is set to distribute its Purecane fermented Read More.

Love at First Site? Wayne State Receives NSF Grant to Explore Impact of Online Dating

NSF-funded technique may eventually allow scientists to better understand cycles of ice ages. This material is available primarily for archival purposes. Telephone numbers or other contact information may be out of date; please see current contact information at media contacts. A team of scientists, funded by the National Science Foundation NSF , has successfully used a new technique to confirm the age of a ,year-old sample of Antarctic ice.

The new dating system is expected to allow scientists to identify ice that is much older, thereby reconstructing climate much farther back into Earth’s history and potentially leading to an understanding of the mechanisms that cause the planet to shift into and out of ice ages.

1/24/ Consumers often look for expiration dates on products but federal regulations do not currently require expiration dating for nutritional supplements.

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Do you have an item you would like to have dated? For Research Professionals Please scroll down on this page for links to computer programs. SIRI update. VIRI consensus values. Computer Programs. This is an online radiocarbon calibration program with downloadable versions for Windows and Mac platforms. The program can be used for calibration of dates using the IntCal curves or post-bomb data.

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Download Table | AMS 14 C dating results of Narenxia Peat-lacustrine sequence (AA: laboratory code of NSF-Arizona AMS 14 C Dating Facilities). from.

Here in the Argon Geochronology Laboratory at Oregon State University OSU we have been employing this dating method ever since with a focus on volcanism in both the marine and terrestrial environment to improve the geochronology of the ocean crust, ocean island volcanism, large igneous provinces, lunar and planetary rocks, hydrothermal minerals and clays, and so on ….

In the first Reynolds-design mass spectrometer was installed by Prof. David Tilles to undertake age determinations on lunar samples returned by the Apollo missions. Following his untimely death in , Prof. In Prof. In another mass spectrometer AEI MS was added with funding from NSF and research areas expanded into dating of terrigenous sediments, vein-filling minerals celadonite, adularia and ocean floor basalts.

At the beginning of , Prof. This second setup is expected to be fully operational in April Anthony Koppers Lab Manager Dr. Dan Miggins.

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To support our nonprofit science journalism, please make a tax-deductible gift today. Geochronologists have tried to pinpoint the age of the million-year-old Deccan Traps, massive lava flows in India that may have helped wipe out the dinosaurs. But for too long, the arbiters of these stories—the geochronologists who date the age of rocks—have been underfunded and uncoordinated. It could also calibrate, standardize, and improve the efficiency of different methods, which are based on the radioactive decay of elements within a rock.

We present an empirical analysis of heterosexual dating markets in four K​HD (to E.E.B.) and the NSF under grants DMS

Dating sediments from Paleoindian sites : The chronology of the earliest human migrants to the New World is still disputed and unevenly documented. Radiocarbon dating from well stratified sites has been the traditional means of assessing this chronology, but radiocarbon in many cases can have problems with contamination or lack of association between dated and target events.

Luminescence provides a complementary methodology in not only providing an independent means of dating but also allowing evaluation of stratigraphic integrity. Luminescence dating of single grains has the potential to identify post-depositional mixing and other stratigraphic puzzles. Our laboratory routinely processes ceramics per year. We have tried to identify dating problems that are particularly suited to luminescence but difficult to resolve by other methods.

These include 1 dating small, surface sites lacking diagnostic artifacts but important for understanding settlement dynamics and land use, 2 determining the duration of occupation at sites, 3 identifying mixing of artifacts of different ages in the same location, 4 understanding the tempo of ceramic technological changes. This work was funded by NSF in the past, but is continuing with the multitude of contract work.

We typically apply OSL and IRSL, as well as TL, for measuring luminescence on ceramics, and part of our research is to understand the behavior in ceramics of these different signals. Dating architectural construction: We are exploring the potential of luminescence to date construction episodes of prehistoric architecture. We have in the past dated construction materials such as bricks and mortar. But we have also tried to date paleo-surfaces beneath architectural remains in order to estimate when the architecture was put there.

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Now, more than ever, people use technology to help them make decisions. Which restaurants to eat at, which stores to shop at, and which brands to buy. So it comes as no surprise that more and more people are turning to technology to help them make romantic decisions as well. Stephanie Tong, assistant professor of communication studies at Wayne State, has been studying the association between romantic dating and computer-mediated communication for more than a year.

She and her team recently received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation in September to continue her research. Tong has had a long-running interest in online communication and close relationships and says that she wants to know how the relational landscape in American society is being affected by the rise of online dating. Finding out what the social implications are, Tong says, is an important question that remains to be answered. Tong is collaborating on her interdisciplinary study with Dr.

Richard Slatcher and Dr.

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So let’s find out what good points there are to dating someone in NS! calls; ironically, I’ve discovered the virtues of having a NSF boyfriend.

Newswise — DETROIT — With nearly ninety percent of Americans utilizing the internet, the use of online dating websites has grown tremendously since the launch of the first online dating service in Today, Americans find it more culturally acceptable to look for a potential partner online and one-in-five adults between the ages of 25 to 34 have used online dating services. With the help of a 3. Stephanie Tong, Ph. She has been studying the association between romantic dating and computer-mediated communication, and with this grant, will explore the social implications of the rise of online dating.

The project also will provide new insights regarding the ways that online dating systems are designed to facilitate interpersonal contact, impact the self-concepts of the people who use them, and it may provide new information and insights that can facilitate improvements to the design of popular forms of social computing technology. Although this project focuses on online dating systems, project findings may provide more generalizable insights regarding the complex interactions between communications media and the content of constitutions as well as their impact on communicators in many other contexts.

Tong and the research team that includes Richard Slatcher, Ph. The investigators will use scientific experiments, participant interviews and behavioral measurements to investigate how people evaluate information communicated by algorithmic and human sources when making attributions within online systems. They will also investigate if people recognize how technology influences their decisions and attributions in the online communication process, and how online platforms that produce a wealth of feedback to participants create feedback loops that affect individuals’ self-concept.

Through its multidisciplinary approach to research and education, and its ongoing collaboration with government, industry and other institutions, the university seeks to enhance economic growth and improve the quality of life in the city of Detroit, state of Michigan and throughout the world. Love at First Site? This project is supported by the National Science Foundation, award number Foreign Relations See all channels.